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2 sets expandable container house in Southeast Asia Southeast Asian country Y is engaged in tourism business. Due to the epidemic, the tourism industry is very poor.But the boss has other businesse...
Epidemic isolation room in M country In September 2021, a sudden epidemic broke out in Country M, and a customer ordered 1,000 sets of foldable mobile houses atone time. Because the order is very u...
Introduction of Long-term Storage and Fresh-keeping Methods and Temperature Requirements of Mushroom Cold Storage There are many types of mushrooms, with high nutritional value and high, but they a...
Installation of dual-temperature cold storage for catering in Malaysia Cold storage project: catering dual-temperature cold storageRoom temperature of cold storage: 0-5℃, -18℃Cold storage location:...
Workers' dormitory for 400 people A client wants to build a project of 50,000 square meters, which requires 400 workers' dormitories. The size of this client’s original house is larger than ours.Be...
Australian vegetable cold storage Cold storage project: vegetable cold storageCold storage temperature: 0-5℃Cold storage location: AustraliaCold storage use: store all kinds of fresh vegetables Thi...
Refrigeration and freezing project of the Second Institute of Oceanography, China Oceanic Administration Refrigeration and freezing project of the Second Institute of Oceanography, China Oceanic Ad...
Chile fruit, vegetable and cauliflower fresh-keeping cold storage installation Fruits, vegetables and cauliflower fresh-keeping cold storage installation: A Chilean fruit, vegetable and cauliflower...
A case study of the construction of a cold storage in the United States Long Medical (refrigeration + freezing)  Cold storage project: Cold storage for pharmaceutical companies Cold storage room te...
100 sets foldable container house in Africa There are many Chinese doing infrastructure construction in Africa. During the Chinese New Year in 2019, a friend returned to China and found our product...
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Hangzhou Hanyang Technology
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