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Cold room is a building that uses artificial refrigeration to make a fixed space reach a specified temperature to facilitate storage of items. Cold room can be widely used in food factories, dairy factories, pharmaceutical factories, chemical factories, fruit and vegetable warehouses, poultry and egg warehouses, hotels, hotels, supermarkets, hospitals, blood stations, troops, laboratories, etc.  The cold room is mainly used for the constant temperature storage of food, dairy products, meat, aquatic products, poultry, fruits and vegetables, cold drinks, flowers, green plants, tea, medicines, chemical raw materials, electronic instruments, etc.
Polyurethane sandwich panel is a polyurethane insulation sandwich panel for construction, also known as anti-leakage sandwich roof panel, polyurethane rigid foam insulation board, polyurethane composite board, PU board, etc. It is a high-efficiency and energy-saving building envelope material with wide application and great potential. It is also a new type of energy-saving sheet promoted and promoted by the Ministry of Construction.
Rock wool sandwich panel is a sandwich panel made of rock wool as raw material. Rockwool sandwich panels give full play to the unique properties of rockwool core materials, and have significant effects in fire protection, thermal insulation, sound absorption and sound insulation.
EPS sandwich panel is made of color-coated steel panel, self-extinguishing foam plastic as sandwich material, and heat insulation sandwich panel compounded by specific production process. The foam plastic has light weight, good thermal insulation performance, low price, and can withstand certain sharpness.

About us

Hangzhou Hanyang Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of various cold room materials and prefab house materials. Products are widely used in industry, agriculture, aquatic products, animal husbandry, food processing, medicine, logistics, hotels, restaurants and other industries. The cold room insulation panel produced by the factory, from shearing, folding, crimping and molding are all processed by special machine lines. The imported pressure foaming machine is adopted for foaming. The equipment is advanced and the process is perfect. The quality control point is controlled by microcomputer, which stabilizes and greatly improves the quality of the library board. The annual output of thermal insulation panel is more than 300,000 square meters. The surface of the cold room panel has color steel plate, embossed aluminum plate, stainless steel plate and other types of panels. We also produce PU sandwich panels,rock wool sandwich panels EPS sandwich panels,EPS cement sandwich panel,account for 30% of the total output value, with an annual output of more than 600,000 Square meters, welcomed by customers.

In recent years, according to the needs of market development, the factory has developed, manufactured, and sold various types of cold room doors, XPS insulation boards, condensing units and evaporators. It is widely trusted and praised by new and old customers, and is a AAA credit enterprise.

For now we have 3 factories,3 trading companies and 1 dubai branch.

After nearly 20 years of experience and exploration, the company has accumulated certain practical experience, strong technical strength and a mature and well-trained workforce, coupled with a team of forging ahead and scientific management, which has laid a solid foundation for stable and reliable product quality. . Our products have been exported to the north and south of the country and exported to Thailand, Myanmar, Iraq, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Guatemala, Indonesia, and Salvador.

Our main products

Q1: Are you a factory or a trading company?

A1: We are factory.

Q2: Where is your factory located?

A2:  Our cold room system material factory is located in changzhou city,jiangsu province.

      Our sandwich panel factory is located in hangzhou city, Zhejiang province.You can go there by plane to Hangzhou        

       international airport, it is about 30km from airport to our factory.

Q3: Is a sample available?

A3: Yes, samples are free,but delivery cost will be yours.

Q4: What is the main market for your products?

A4: Our main market is in South America, Southeast Asia, Africa.

Q5: What is your warranty?

A5: We can assure you one year against manufacturing defect.

Q6:Can we do our OEM logo?
A6:Yes,we can do OEM logo for you.

Q7:How is your company.

A7:Our Factory Has 20+ Years Manufacture Experience And 9+ Export Trading Experience.

Our team
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